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  • What if I can't find hylyte near me?
    We are adding new WaterStations every week! Please keep checking back or join our mailing list!
  • How is hylyte purified?
    Hylyte WaterStations utilize a 7-Stage Purification process: Sediment Filtration - Removes sediment including rust, dust, dirt, clay, and pipe residue. Carbon Filtration - Removes chemicals including chlorine, solvents, and pesticides. VOC Filtration - Removes volatile organic compounds. Reverse Osmosis - Removes arsenic, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and other solids. Polishing filtration - Post-carbon filtration for a clean, crisp and fresh taste. Mineralization - Water is enhanced with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes to reduce Oxidation Reduction Potential and increase the pH to Alkaline. Ultra-Violet Light - Final sanitation eliminates microorganisms.
  • I don't have my own container, where can I find one?"
    Many home improvement and department stores sell empty one and five gallon water jugs. You can also find many affordable containers for sale online. Take good care of your water jug and it will be a one-time purchase. And remember, for the best taste and water quality, clean and sanitize the container prior to filling up at a hylyte WaterStation.
  • What kind of containers can I fill up?
    Our WaterStations accommodate ONE, THREE, & FIVE Gallon refillable water containers.
  • What are the benefits of alkaline-infused water?
    Higher pH levels in Hylyte Water ensures a more refreshing and better-tasting water experience.
  • What can I use to pay at a Hylyte WaterStation?
    Hylyte WaterStations currently accept a variety of payment options, including: cash, debit/credit cards, and mobile wallets (Apple Pay & Google Wallet)
  • How are Hylyte WaterStations different from other refillable water stations?
    Not only will our WaterStations provide you with clean and crisp Hylyte water, but each one is remotely monitored to ensure reliability as well as quality.
  • How do I clean my container?
    It's a good idea to wash and rinse your container between every fill up. A small amount of liquid dish soap is a great option. Just be sure to rinse your container thoroughly and let it air dry. It's also important to regularly sanitize your container: Mix one teaspoon of unscented liquid household bleach into one quart of water. Cover the container tightly and shake it well. Make sure the sanitizing solution touches all inside surfaces of the container. Wait at least 30 seconds and then pour the sanitizing solution out of the container. Rinse the empty container thoroughly and let it air dry.


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