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Better water.

Hylyte WaterStations use a seven-stage filtration system to dispense the freshest and cleanest water at a fraction of the cost of single-serve bottles. Added electrolytes and minerals in Hylyte water also make for a smoother and crisp taste experience that will leave you feeling refreshed after every drop.

Hylyte Refills vs. Tap Bottled Water

Tap water is far less filtered than water dispensed at Hylyte WaterStations. This means that every cup of water filled from the tap is subject to any sediments that may be in the water streams, such as pipe residue and dirt, as well as any chemicals used in the general sterilization process, such as chlorine and solvents.


With Hylyte water you can have peace of mind knowing that our 7-STAGE PURIFICATION process filters out any, if not all, of those things.


Hylyte WaterStations are monitored 24/7 with our state-of-the-art systems to ensure only the freshest and cleanest water is being dispensed at all times.


Enjoy a more crisp tasting water experience with Hylyte water compared to both water dispensed from the tap and that of a bottle. Higher pH levels in Hylyte water ensure for better tasting water.


Refilling at a Hylyte WaterStation with a ONE/THREE/FIVE gallon water container(s) rather than single-use bottles, will reduce overall environmental impact


With several new Hylyte WaterStations being created every week, Hylyte water will become more convenient and available for consumers within a particular region.


Sediment Filtration

Removes sediment including rust, dust, dirt, clay, and pipe residue.


Carbon Filtration

Removes chemicals including chlorine, solvents, and pesticides.


VOC Filtration

Removes volatile organic compounds.


Reverse Osmosis

Removes arsenic, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and other solids.


Polishing Filtration

Post-carbon filtration for a clean, crisp and fresh taste.



Water is enhanced with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes to reduce Oxidation Reduction Potential and increase the pH to Alkaline.


Ultra-Violet Light

Final sanitation eliminates microorganisms.


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